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Pool Repair

If any part of your swimming pool isn’t running right, we can fix it. We can offer estimates for most minor repairs over the phone at no charge. More extensive repairs will require a skilled technician to visit your pool site to evaluate the situation. In some cases, charges may apply, but that will be discussed with you prior to an appointment being set. In most cases, the initial evaluation charge is deducted from the repair price.

Our pool repair technicians are among the most skilled and responsible in the industry. With years of training behind us, we get to the problem in no time. We provide clear explanations and alternate repair solutions to fit your budget and help you feel good about your pool repair decisions. We can bring your pool or spa back to health today.

Leaking equipment is a sure sign of a repair need. Cracked pipes, earth shifts, backwash valve leaks,and o-ring’-s needing replacement are all reasons to call for help. (Most minor repair estimates can be discussed over the phone at no charge. More extensive repairs require a skilled technician to visit your pool site to evaluate the situation therefore charges may apply, but will be discussed prior to an appointment being set. The initial evaluation charge is included in the repair price.)

Our goal is for you to always receive prompt service by friendly and professional customer representatives at very competitive rates. Our specialty is the maintenance and repair of commercial and residential pools. We also offer accessories,pool heaters, and the experience and knowledge necessary to make your pool or spa experience the best one possible.

Pool Cleaner Installation, Repair or Replacement

Our professional staff is standing by to help you choose the best cleaner for your pool.

Here are the 3 most popular types of cleaners

Suction – Side Cleaners: The Pool Cleaner hose attaches to your skimmer; Suction is generated from your pool pump. These Cleaners move around the pool in a random pattern, vacuuming up and depositing debris into your pool’s filter system. A suction-side cleaner is simple to install and operate, low cost, and comes with a proven track record.

Pressure – Side Cleaners: There are two varieties to pick from: one that attaches to your pool return (where clean water flows back into the pool from the filter). The other more effective style requires it-‘s own booster pump to provide it-‘s powerful cleaning ability.

Robotic Cleaners: A Robotic Cleaners has its own filtration system which does not attach to your pool’s pump or filter system. Most units are programmable, and many can be operated by remote control.The self-contained filtration eases wear on your pump and filter. This is also the fastest method of cleaning.

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Filter Service, Repair and Replacement

Is your pool starting to look green? Have you noticed some leaks around the filter? Is there debris returning into the pool? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might need someone to look at your pool’s filter.

The good thing about pool filters is they are fairly simple when you compare them to other types of pool equipment. Even though they are simple, pool filters are essential in keeping your pool’s water clean.

Instead of trying to tackle your pool filter repair yourself, you should contact a professional who can take care of the hassle for you. Not only will we clean your pool filter, we will inspect the filter’s grids/cartridges, and check all o-rings and manifolds. Even a small tear in one of your filters grids or cartridges can significantly reduce the ability to filter the water properly.

If you are planning on replacing your pool filter, there are different manufacturers, sizes and types from which to choose. We can assist you in properly sizing the pool filter based on the water capacity of your pool, and the existing pool equipment.

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Pump Service, Repair or Replacement

A properly working pool pump will keep your pool’s water circulating properly. This will prevent algae from growing as well as keep your pool’s water looking Crystal Clear. A pool pump that is working correctly should be quiet, and dry, and should not have any air bubbles inside of it. If you notice air bubbles coming through the return fittings in the pool, then more than likely a there is a suction leak between the skimmer and the pool pump. If your pump is leaking water, it could be that the mechanical seal, or seal plate gasket has failed.

In some situations, replacing your pool pump could be the best solution. By the way – we often discover pools with “energy-hogging” single speed pumps, when an energy-efficient variable speed pump would be more economical. Switching to a more energy-efficient pump can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

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Heater Repair and Replacement

Enjoy your spa or extend your swim season by making sure your existing heater is functioning properly, or by replacing it with a new one with a manufacturer’s warranty. If your pool heater has not been inspected in the last 5 years, we strongly encourage you to give us a call, for safety reasons as well as possible energy-saving improvements. We can repair any issues with existing heaters, or recommend the ideal and most energy-efficient heater replacement for your needs.

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If you have questions about your pool service, or would like to schedule a no obligation, one-on-one consultation with us, please call us at (214) 320-9141, or fill out the form below.


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The person that does my weekly cleaning really does a great job and if there’s something wrong with my equipment, they have good service technicians that come out and fix it."

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Consistent great service, have used them for over 30 years!!"

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Crystal Clear Pools did an outstanding job on our renovation. Steve Graves is on top of everything throughout the process. Our pool looks amazing. I would recommend them without hesitation."

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This company refurbished our pool and pool deck. We got several bids for the job and chose Crystal Clear. They did a great job. They are honest and trustworthy. We use them now for our weekly pool service."

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The professionalism of Steve and Miguel, the prep work, daily clean up, schedule, end result appearance, and start-up phone support from Steve. Not least expensive quote but the best value in my opinion."

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Well-coordinated and efficient work with an outstanding job. My pool had never let looked as good as it does now."

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Great service for over 18 years!! Timely, they do repairs at reasonable rates highly recommended."

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