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Pool Inspections

In the visual pool inspection we focus on three main areas; Structural, Deck and Mechanical equipment.

1) In the structural examination, we focus on the pool, coping and deck areas around the pool. The areas focused on include but are not limited to Tile, Grout, Coping, Interior Finish, Caulk/Expansion Joints and Deck. Tile and grout are scrutinized for loose or missing sections. Coping is inspected for missing, loose and hollow sections. Interior surface finish will be inspected for cracking, pitting, delamination and failure. Expansion joints are heavily scrutinized for cracks and gaps. Improperly sealing control joints can lead to premature cracking and heaving from excess moisture under the pool deck.

2) In the deck equipment portion we focus on the hardware, both on the deck and in the pool. The areas focused on include but are not limited to Skimmers, Ladder, Handrails, and Main drain cover, Anchors, Inlets/Fittings, Ropes, Slides, Dive Boards and Covers. Skimmers are inspected for cracking and operation. Ladders and hand rails are inspected for rusting, pitting, cracking and signs of abuse. Maindrain covers are stringently scrutinized for presence and cracking to prevent possible entrapment hazards. Anchors, Inlets/Fittings, Ropes, Slides, Dive Boards and Covers are inspected for presence, condition, and operation.

3) In the Mechanical examination we focus on the pool itself and the coping/deck areas around the pool. The areas tested include but are not limited to Pumps/ Motor, Filter, Heater, Piping, Valves, Chemical Feeders, Gauges, Automatic Cleaning Equipment, Timeclocks/Controls, Switches, and Lights/GFCI(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). Pumps, filters, valves, heaters, and feeders will be inspected for condition, leakage and operation. Piping, gauges, timeclocks/controls, switches, and lights/GFCI will be inspected for condition and operation. (Please note pool must be open and running to test equipment.)

Pressure Test of Pool Lines: In a pressure test we send, a crew of pool technicians to the site with testing equipment to check for leaks in the plumbing reachable from the surface. In this process the lines are charged with 15lbs of air pressure. (The operating pressure pool systems are designed to sustain a pressure of 60psi-plus. The air pressure used will not in any way damage plumbing.) The pressure is then monitored for any indication of leak-down. Any leak down measured indicates a compromised line. The lines tested include but are not limited to Skimmers, returns, aerators and cleaner lines.

Pressure Test Main Drain: Main drains are tested in the same manner as the rest of the pool lines. Due to their location on the bottom of the deep end and the time required under water Crystal Clear Pools Service employs certified divers.

In addition to pressure testing the main drain, the drains are visually scrutinized for cracks and the Hydrostatic valves are tested and inspected. The crack inspections are important because the drains are a plastic vessel placed in earth that has the potential to move. A large majority of pools that have leak issues will leak through the main drain.

Hydrostatic valves are important to a pool because they release excess water pressure that can build up on the outside of pool structure. A hydrostatic valve failure could allow an empty pool to literally rise up out of the ground like a ship. (Note: The main drain cannot be tested if water is determined to be too cold for the diver. Safe temperature is determined at the discretion of diver.)


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